Hawkeye VPN allows you to safely and anonymously connect to any network and access any app or site anywhere. For Free.

Any time you use the web or any apps on your phone, Hawkeye VPN encrypts your data before transmission through our ultra secure back-end servers. We also hide your IP address so your location is un-detectable.

Whether you just want to unblock YouTube at work, or keep your emails private, your data and identity are secure with Hawkeye VPN.

This service is completely free to you. No registration. No fees. No strings attached.


Do not connect without protection.

Your phone is your most personal device. Keep sensitive information like bank accounts, credit cards, and passwords safe from prying eyes.

Use apps and sites freely, without wondering who might be watching.

Anywhere you are, hackers may be able to gain access to your data unless you stay protected.


We believe that all people should have access to a high-performance, professional VPN for free. We won't shut you off after a short “introductory” period or get in the way of your apps and browsing.

In today's world, you need to stay connected. Stay connected safely with Hawkeye VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Hawkeye VPN cost?

Hawkeye VPN is completely free to install and use. Our goal is to provide you with a free, simple service without ads. To keep our service free, we provide research on market trends to help create better apps.

2. How do I know if Hawkeye VPN is working?

On iOS devices, you'll see a VPN icon on your device's status bar. You can also open the Hawkeye VPN app and it will tell you if you're connected.

On Android devices, when you're connected you'll see a "key" icon on the status bar, and your Notification Tray will contain a Hawkeye VPN notification. The Hawkeye VPN app will also tell you when you're connected.

3. How do I remove the VPN from my device?

Simply uninstall the Hawkeye VPN app from your device in order to completely disable the VPN.

4. Android: Why do I need to "trust" the Hawkeye VPN application?

When you first run Hawkeye VPN, you will be asked to "trust" the application. This is Android asking you to confirm that you want to run your data securely through our servers.

This is a standard Android notification for any VPN service.

5. Can I really do anything I want with your VPN service?

The only activity we can't allow on our service is illegal filesharing. If we see your device connecting to known torrent trackers or if we receive an abuse complaint due to filesharing via your device, we will have to block your account from using the service.